Anyone been to candystand.com? At candystand.com you can win trophies, money, prizes and have fun.  It's free to join and fun to play at candystand.com. They've everything from jolly jong 2 to racing games.
Looks pretty cool, have you won any in-real-life items yet?
I thought I did win when I entered Ultimate Raceway game and there was only 35 of us so we all won so I thought in July. I have not received any e-mail from them nor any i-pod from them, so I don't know if I won or not. I went to their twitter and facebook and asked-no reply yet. I contacted them on site and no reply yet. I really don't know if we did win or not because there was only 35 entered and the first 50 top scorers wins the i-pod. I'm still hoping and wonder if it got lost in the mail or met with bad weather. That's what happened to me this year. I still play and have lots of fun especially playing Virble. They did away with their instant money wheel spin. I have not found anything online about others winning too or not getting their prizes or money. Pch.com is the same company that owns candystand.com too. Tuesdays are double points day at candystand.com. Ironically I can't play games at pch.com right now and have contacted pch.com about it.
Cool, I'll check it out op. Thanks.
Guess what...candystand.com is closed as of today. I was looking for it since 2016 started and couldn't find it online. I asked today what happened to candystand.com and pch.com says it's closed down. Well gamers we can still go to pch.com for games and money winnings, so take heart. If you'd like to play for free facebook.com has pretty good games. I like to win money and prizes, so I'll stick with pch.com. It's legal to win in Hawaii playi8ng at pch.com! Check in your state with legal aid to see if pch.com winnings is legal in your State.

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