Portal 3
Did you guys play Portal, or Portal 2? Well I only played Portal 2 and it is amazing! Portal 2 is the best puzzle game I ever played, but it's sad not to hear about Portal 3!
I think it would be great for us(gamers) and them (valve)! What do you think? Do you think Portal 3 would be good this time around? There were some rumors about it but nothing confirmed so far (as far as I know).
If you know anything about Portal 3 please tell us! Thank you :D
I just finished playing Portal 2 co-op mode recently, and am about to finish playing it in single mode soon. It was actually my boyfriend who suggested the game to me, and I enjoyed it immensely! GLaDos is one of the sassiest AIs ever, no? The Portal series is indeed one of the best puzzle games I've played in recent memory, so I'd love to have a Portal 3 release in the near future. There are lots of rumors going around that Valve's planning to release Portal 3 and Half-Life 3 as a single title. What are your thoughts about this? In the meantime, if you're interested in playing more puzzle games, I recommend you try Antichamber, Q.U.B.E and The Ball.
<p>Unfortunately I've not played any of the portal games, however, they do seem rather intriguing.</p>
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