Learning to Program
What is the best online resource to learn programming?
First you wanna learn basic coding.
I recommend learning VB.NET. Its a VERY basic and simple coding language to make some really cool GUI'S, I've made web browsers, multi-tools etc. So check that out. Then once VB is mastered continue to harder coding languages. (VB also creates your GUI.)
Start off with C# if you intend on just getting started with programming but plan on moving to other languages. VB.NET syntax is nice for people who would have a really hard time understanding *normal* programming syntax because it's all user-keywords over braces and parenthesis, but transitioning to other languages is not as easy coming from a strict VB.NET background. Additionally C# uses the same framework, and is of a similar syntax to many other languages including C, C++, Java, and others.

"Learn programming" - is too generic. Do you intend on developing games? desktop programs? mobile apps? websites? And for anything platform dependent, what platform/architecture?
It really depends on each person and like bitm0de said, depends on what you intend to do with the programming language, since each are suitable for different applications. I personally started with Python because it has a very easy syntax and a very convenient IDE for beginners. Then I moved on to C, C++, C#, Java, and the move was almost seamless from Python to these languages, it laid the foundations for me pretty well.
Well when I first got into programming I did BASIC, which is of course, very old. It was then suggested to me to learn python next but I went with C# instead and so far it has not been that much of a challenge to learn. At the end of the day it depends on what kind of application you want to make, for games I would say Python, Java or C# and for windows applications I would go with C++.
If you want to learn the absolute basics of coding with JavaScript right down to syntax, Code Academy is a really great way to start coding with an in-browser IDE and for free. I found the UI very simple to use and I can now confidently say I know a bit of JavaScript after using it. The only problem is, some of the workshops are incredibly specific, and don't allow you to progress unless you do it a certain way.
I believe there are many out there, some of which listed above are great examples.
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A quick Google search will discover you lots of resources.  Also, what kind of programming?  I've been playing with PHP lately and it's really fun!
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