Skyrim still going strong.
It has almost been over four years since the fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls series,  Skyrim came out. And after ll these years, it's still going strong as ever, with dedicated and active fan base, and new and improved mods coming out every other day. For me, I've already spent an unhealthy amount of time into this game, and still never get tired of it. Even now, after I've almost explored the entirety of the frosty province of Skyrim, I never fail to get lost in it, and as always, it never fails to surprise me with little details that I never knew existed before. So how about you? Do you still play the game? Or has your interest in this masterpiece of an RPG waned over the years?
I played a bit of it here and there on Console but never owned it so I never really got 100% into it, but I would pick it up and play today if I had it, it was oe of the better RPG Games I played.
Hell I still play Oblivion every now and then :)
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I've reached about a half-point when it first came out, and then took a break from it. Took me a good year or two before I went back and completed. I mean, it's definitely a fun game, all those people wouldn't be playing it if it was otherwise, but I just don't think it's for me.
Haven't played it in a while, but after grinding through - and loving - Fallout 4, the compulsion to go back to Skyrim is pretty strong. I was never quite so fanatical about it as some people I know (probably helps that I own the Xbox 360 version, which I can't mod endlessly), but it's a damned fun game regardless.
I still play the game weekly on my PC. It's hard to stray away from a game with thousands of mods that increase the game's replayability.
I still play it from time to time. I never got into it the way I did Oblivion, but that's mostly due to personal stuff going on.
I did put about 250 hours into it, and like I said, I still have a go at it. Still haven't finished all quests.
It's definitely an amazing game with tons of replay value... although I did like Oblivion more!
Yes I can say I still play Skyrim, I've tried countless mods which definitely add to the experience. I recently reverted back to vanilla though to try and finish it as it was intended, I do miss SkyUI though! The replayability of Elder Scrolls games in my opinion is unmatched and even after all this time I still have really get into it with a Khajiit and an Argonian, I've tried all the others. finished Oblivion with a Dunmer.

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