What Anime Do You Miss
I'm a big fan of anime adult swim of some of their anime series. I watch the Sat. Akame Ga Kill, Naruto and others. I miss Bleach and Full Metal the most. I like Samurai Champloo and glad it came back!
What anime do you miss that's not on the air now?

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image from http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/bleach-anime...each-photo

images from http://animegakills.free.fr/Page_Wall_An...emist8.htm
Cowboy Bebop stands out. I love the original, but it seems like a series that could go on for at least a few more seasons with stand-alone episodes. Even if they were wedged in the time between the first episode and the point that the whole band breaks up, prior to the final two or three episodes.

I'd also be interested to see a new adaptation of Trigun. The current anime follows the manga faithfully for a while, but they veer off in wildly different directions after a while. It would be neat to see what happens in the manga appear on the big screen. (Particularly since I don't really like the manga's art style. It's too... busy.)
Unfortunately I've never been much of a fan.

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