Game that you didn't think that you would enjoy (but in the end did)
In my case it's been the Metal Gear Solid series.
I've heard that it's a series of political fiction games. 
I'm not much of a fan of the genre, so I never considered checking it out...
When I bought a used PS2, it came with a bunch of games. 
One of it was Metal Gear Solid 3.
I decided to give it a go for shit and giggles (and because I wanted to try if my new console is working).
I've been hooked before Snake has even landed in the jungle!
I expected something incredibly boring, and fallen in love instead with the brilliant madness of Kojima's universe and it's complicated characters. 

What's your most surprising gaming experience?
I've given a different answer to this question before, but thinking about it more deeply now... Katamari Damacy. I expected those games to be utter tosh, based on what I'd watched, and I only played one because I was over at a friend's house and he insisted I try. I was almost immediately charmed and won over by how fun it is to roll things up into a ball. I still can't figure out why, either. Such a silly concept.

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