Your gaming setup?
I was looking at my TV area earlier and I realized that my setup is a little sloppy. I have four systems sitting out - 360, Wii U, PS3, and PS4 - and they're all just kinda heaped on top of one another in a haphazard pile. There are a few game cases sitting around, but most of the games are in a cabinet and out of sight. It's not the most inspiring gaming sight, and I'm considering rearranging to make it look a little nicer.

What's your gaming setup? Have you put effort into making your consoles and / or computer look cool from an aesthetic standpoint? Or, like me, do you not give much of a crap?
My gaming set up it pretty plain. I have a 65 inch screen TV , on a TV stand. Under my TV, I have my PS3 and PS4 on the left side of the stand. On the right side, I have my Xbox 360 and my Xbox One. Sometimes I will bring my chair in front of the TV, so I can really get comfortable while playing but usually I will just relax on my couch. I wouldn't spend any extra money to go above and beyond to make my setup any better. It works really well for me. As long as I can game on my TV and consoles then I am good to go. I don't need anything fancy. I have seen some really epic gaming setup and more power to them. Maybe if I had the money to do something big, I would. But I'm happy with my simple set up.
I've got a pretty awful gaming setup in my room. I have an XBox and Xbox360 lying on the bare floor under my TV desk. On the desk I have a NES with the case opened and tons of cables and stuff coming from it, since I do home brew NES software / games / experiments (looks weird and nerdy).

I have a cardboard box with the consoles I'm not currently using ( SNES, GBC, DS ) near my TV desktop , haha not efficient at all. I have a secondary desk where my desktop PC is.

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