What is your favorite Theme music to a game?
I love video game theme music. I have a ton of them on my iPod and rock them out in my car all of the time. A great soundtrack to a game can really heighten the experience for that game and it all starts with great theme music. My favorites consist of:

The Last of Us
Valiant Hearts
Hitman: Blood Money
GTA 4 
Heavy Rain

What are your favorites?
I find that Grand Theft Auto , Soul Calibur, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Final Fantasy normally end up having great themes and OSTs. I agree that the soundtrack of a game can really add to the experience of a game. Even odd games like Katamari Damacy have great OSTs. I can actually sit there and listen to the tracks of the games I just mentioned. I've found myself searching up and listening to them on Youtube, that's how much I really like them.

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