Best North American Team?
The top NA team in the CS scene, to me, has always been contested. In the summer of 2015, it was obviously Cloud 9. Then after that glorious NA period, it was always between Team Liquid, Counter Logic Gaming and Cloud 9. And now, it’s an exciting period of time, as all three top teams have now gone through roster changes. Counter Logic Gaming dropped FNS and picked up Fugly. Cloud 9’s seang@res left and picked up upcoming talent Stewie2K. And Team Liquid dropped Fugly and picked up EU all-star s1mple. And I would even still consider Team Liquid’s addition of Hiko to be considered here as well. And as weird as this sounds, I think eventually, Counter Logic Gaming could be the best NA team out there. JDM has always been consistent at LAN and Fugly seems to fit in really well. I don’t know yet if s1mple can fit in with Liquid as his playstyle is different from what Adren is usually used to and Stewie2k may have been a solid fragger to Cloud 9’s lineup, but n0thing’s IGL skills are nothing compared to sgares. So what are your thoughts?
I think currently Liquid is by far the best NA team. S1mple is a huge upgrade that gives them the firepower they lacked before. Combined with Adren's ingame leading skills, this team has the potential to go very far. S1mple also has got a lot of experience with competing against European teams, which has always been a big struggle for NA teams.

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