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Trump's Supporters?
Anyways, just to say, I've been reading a newspaper about Trump and everyone on there is his supporter. They think he's Godsend and will every problem the US's got currently. I disagree with their opinions of his actions. Won't his actions hurt America more in the long run? At least, that's what I think and these people are 100% pro Trump. I'd like to ask, why are there so many Trump supporters? And so very few who are anti-Trump? It should be the other way around.
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He is very supportive for the uk and he  supports our brexit.  He is also not come from the politics side of things like most have  he sees the world for what it is.
Think he's an absolute dick. Don't like the man at all. 
He also doesn't have very fe who oppose him, he has a LOT of people who oppose him. 

However, we need to wait and see what he does. It's all well and good saying he'll damage America. Let's wait and see first
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3 things i know his done so far from following bbc news.

1. Signed paper to   build the wall
2. Closed the boarders to 6 country's  ( i know only 3 of them don't know the rest yet)
3.  Supports brexit

So basicly so far his upping the security of USA  which is a good thing is it not?  like he said he don't want another 9/11.
He told what a lot of Americans wanted to hear going by what his supporters are saying. I watched the news yesterday how he wants Mexico to pay for the wall he want to build lol, by putting up the import tax, that will hurt industry there, he has puylled out of the pacific trade, well there are still 11 countries involved in that so America will only hurt itself, China he has said will pay more inmport tax, ummm China supplies the world, they don't need to supply stuff to the U S so that will hurt businesses there also. But he has decided to take the Muslim refugees from Manis island and Naru, so that will cuase a stir over there in the U S as well, a lot here in Australia don;t think a lot for him either, and Trump thinks by putting the U S first will only damage America not help it, but oh well it is up to him
He's a fraud that "fakes it 'til he makes it". For him to rise to that power he was approached by the most corrupt industries in the world, to mask his bankruptcy they said they will fill his pockets and in return they get something out of him once he's president. The world is more corrupt than you think.
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As an American I think that Trump will provide the UN with a viable solution to the war on terror and help with the job flow in the USA caused by Illegals crossing "ILLEGALLY" into our borders. Now I'm not one to hate on Illegals but they come here illegally without paperwork, ID, or anything to provide to this country... It's "The Land Of The Free" because millions of our troops have died saving and protecting our country from foreign invaders. From 1776 to even now our women and men of the force protect us from the many that would cause us harm, and Hillary was planning to cut the budget of the armed forces to aid Syrian Refugees who have no right to come into our country without filling out the required paperwork and waiting for their turn to get a piece of the "American Dream". Now I don't fully support Trump, but he does have his plan to "Make America Great Again" and I for one wish to hear him out and give him a chance.
I personally am a Libertarian and I supported Gary Johnson in the race. Even though he didn't come close he still made history for the Libertarian party by gaining a substantial amount of votes. Everything he has done so far (taxes, refugees, the wall) is most definitely not supported by us.

You may feel free to look at our platform here. It descriptively tells you what we believe in, how we think things should be, and what we oppose of.

Most individuals didn't know about Gary Johnson due to the lack of campaigning abilities but he was endorsed by quite a few major newspapers and stations. He would've solved some issues that we currently face today and some of the issues we are going to run into in the near future. 

(may have went a little off-topic, but it's because the word Trump get's my heart rate up a bit)
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