[Game] Last Man On The Earth
This is a story mode game.


Continue the story from the previous post and  Do not end it.
You can kill or bring new members but do wisely 
Make atleast 2-3 sentence. 
Do not post in row .
Follow the forum rules


Year: 2021
Years after the virus breakout, MAX was the only one person left behind. All others were dead. He can do anything,  there is no law or people to stop him. Each day he does a lot of stuff but as years passed he get bored and decided to suicide. 

 characters (live )

Max    -   lead role

Let me begin.

(year: 2026  5 years of loneliness, max decided to die )

After the hangover max woke up. This is the last day for him. He took a shower, put on his new cloths and reloaded his gun. After eating  some tasty food  He then goes to the roof top, climbed the fence and reached the edge.  He aimed the gun at his head, slowly closed the eyes and think about the past. Suddenly he hear a sound, he opened his eyes and looked every were.  He saw something moving far away, it's it's a car, max was shocked. He then ......
He then decided now was not the time to end it all, there's hope, it's right in front of his very eyes. He quickly made his way down to the ground, he sprung out the door and in no time at all began yelling and screaming at the top of his lungs to gain the drivers attention, but to his surprise...
[Image: CeODU1G.gif]
To his surprise  the driver saw him. The driver was gaining towards him fastly. Max was very happy to see other human. He hopes the driver would be a young beautiful woman.The car stops near him. The door opens and ..

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