I hate Rap!
So, rape is the music genre I hate the most, once, I listened to Eminem with my friend, and couldn't stand all his cussing. For me, I guess it's mostly swearing yeah and hate speech? Or maybe I'm misunderstanding it. Hence why I find it so vulgar without any beauty or artistic sense.
No offense but I disagree. At least when it comes to Eminem, the rest of the rap artists in the industry are ridiculous but not Eminem. He's got great stories in his music, that touch on various subjects like family, relationships, his career, bad addictions etc. I do accept your opinion about not liking rap music, I don't like much of it either, except for Eminem's work. If you listen closely, and ignore the cuss words, it's good stuff.
I have to agree with @marshmallow. Eminem I do like, however, there are varies rap artists I do not. Also to be honest I'm not a massive fan of the genre but I do like him and his music.
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