What's a musical instrument you'd like to learn how to play?
I would love to learn the piano. I know a wee bit as I used to take lessons as a child but then I switched to the guitar so I never really learnt it well.

I play the guitar and ukulele now but would love to learn something new. What about you guys?
I know some songs that I like on the piano, although I would really like to learn the drums, it has always been one of my favourite instruments.
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Either the electric guitar or drums. I have always wanted to learn drums but I just never really bothered to do it because of the lack of time. And as much as I would like to, I doubt I would ever bother to learn them in the future
Banjo.  I have one, I meant to learn years back, but tremors in my hands made it impossible.  Not it's just a wall ornament.

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