Device you watch on?
There are many different devices to watch your favourite movie/tv show on, there are also many software applications out there to stream your favourites. Feel free to share with us the device you like to watch on and the application you prefer to use for streaming. 

For myself I will usually watch all my content from videos, movies, shows, music videos and more on my TV and second to that would be my Laptop, however, I use several applications for streaming, such as NOW TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube.
[Image: CeODU1G.gif]
I use my tv mostly for Netflix and other stuff. Laptop comes second and then my cellphone
My hubby will sometimes watch things on his tablet and on the tv if he's got 2 sporting events going on simultaneously.  However, I normally just watch on tv.
I tend to watch most TV shows when I go to sleep so I tend to just watch them on my phone.
I do occasionally watch videos on Youtube and I'm normally using my laptop for that.  But 99% of the time, I'm watching on my tv.
I watch stuff through Amazon on my playstation, Or I buy DVDs of Boxsets I like.

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