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Logan Paul did what!?
As I am sure most of you are aware of the recent actions committed by the "Youtube Star" Logan Paul. It seems to have caused a mixed outrage with some people saying that his account should be given a strike or even potentially taken down (as other channels have for less serious issues.) Although some people cannot see anything wrong with his actions, or at least explain his actions in their own way. Personally I think for someone having a channel that big, and showing this type of material to his so-called younger audience, is not good whatsoever, especially the way the video was conducted and his reactions, now he did say that it was uploaded with good intention and it was for suicide awareness, however, others disagree and class the video as a clickbait explosion, as they say, that with the title, thumbnail, description, the video was bound to get views. I should state that he has since removed the video and uploaded an apologetic tweet, however, this doesn't mean he is forgiven and the debate of his actions still go on. 

Below I have listed a full article from the BBC on the situation, what happened and why the outrage is continuing to spark:
[Image: CeODU1G.gif]

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