Quitting from the forum
I am very sad to say this but i have to say it. Currently i have to work 16 hours each day at my office and i am very tired of working, Due to the shitty working hours i do not have any time left to spend on the forums. So i am quitting from the forum. I have been contributing in  the forum since beginning, i want to make the forum grow higher.I will take a peek when ever i get time.  Any way its time for me to leave

Thanks to @twisted and other members.
Better Than Before :D 
Wow, 16 hours a day. That's a lot of work, kudos to you for being strong enough physically and mentally to do that, not sure how I would cope with that. Sorry to hear that you won't have time, best of luck for the future :)
Sorry to see you go. Good luck with work and everything :)
Sorry to hear that.  You'll be missed here but I understand when things like that pop up.  Hopefully, in the future you'll be able to come back and spend more time here.
I'm truly sorry to hear that you're leaving Max, however I do wish you the best of luck with your new job and I hope to see you make a return.
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