Paddington 2 : My 1st Western Family Comedy Movie Review!
Well, today, at last, I had gone to see Paddington 2 in theaters. It was so worth it! I'd like to review for you in 7 parts : 1. Plot. 2. Genres. 3. Acting and Characters. 4. Cast. 5. Dialogue and language used. 6. Music. 7. Overall thoughts and my ultimate rating.

1. Plot without any spoilers : It was a fun adventure. Filled with twists and turns, but nothing too tragic. The lesson I've learned from it is to make the best from everything in life as much as possible. It's perfectly in sync with my therapy treatments. So yeah.

2. Genres : General, family comedy, adventure, suitable for any age.

3. Acting and Characters: They were all great. I enjoyed the antagonist's acting the most.

4. Cast : I don't have my eyes set on any favorite actor/actress from the movie. I liked everything about them.

5. Dialogue and language used : The language used was a refined British english with sarcastic and ironic humor (the typical Brit humor!). The dialogue was witty and OTT hilarious.

6. Music : It had positive lyrics and the melodies were beautiful and somewhat funny. It fit in the movie.

7. Overall thoughts and ultimate rating : 10/10. I have nothing but good to say about this movie, a must see for everyone! Really a family comedy for all ages. I loved it so much I wanna see it a 2nd time in theaters.

If seen it, please share with me your thoughts and opinions on this amazingly funny movie.
I must admit. That is a very informative interview and I can see a lot of thought and consideration put into it, well done!
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I've seen commercials advertising this movie when I've watched tv but I haven't watched it yet.  Thank you for your review, Naiwen.  I may consider watching it now.

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