Getting sick and going to the doctor?
How often do you get sick and have to go to the doctor?  When you get sick, do you even go to the doctor or do you try to tough it out?  Do you try to get a flu shot every year?
I seem to get ill or catch a cold or some sort of infection quite easily however in tends to go on its own.
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Not too often actually. I tend to not get seriously ill very often *touch wood* so I very rarely have to go to the doctor. If I get a cough/cold then I'll just relax and drink some soup or something. I usually get better quickly so don't bother to go to the doctor for that either.
If I catch a cold or if I end up with a stomach bug, usually I'll just ride that out because there really isn't much they can do for me.  If it's something serious, then I'll go to the doctor and get it checked out because it will only get worse if I don't go to the doctor.

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