Einstein’s Relativity applied in Therapy
So, we’ve been using Einstein’s theory to stabilize my mood disorder and my emotional crisis and etc. It’s very helpful, my therapist is also a physics major so yeah, she understands both science and emotions. That’s what makes her so complete and versatile and effective for me. I’d like to explain his equation to you according to my understanding.

E=MC2. E=Energy, M=Mass, C=Constant. 2 is exponential. Yes, everything in life isn’t in black and white and is relative. Compare yourself to others who have nothing, and you’ll feel a ton better yourself. Don’t compare yourself to someone better off than you, you’d only make yourself suffer more. Why do this to yourself? E=X, M=Y and C= a constant quantity. Thence, X=YZ square is the way to solve his relativity equation. Equals stands for the verb : “to be” and “is” in English. And thus, energy has a mass, a constant to exponent 2.

However, it’s the mass and constant according to you only. This is how I understand it myself. I think it’s the correct way? I have studied math intensively in school. I’m a quite competent and versatile person really. I’m beginning to understand physics and even astrophysics as well as quantum physics currently. My intellect is always evolving and I’m always learning. We never stop learning. 1 last thing about it : light cannot exist without dark, joys can’t be without sadness and etc. So, that is Einstein’s relativity theory according to me.

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