What happened to FA
What happened to the forum. There is no active members and so many other things.
Better Than Before :D 
The forum is dead. 

What else can it be?
I'm Serpius and You're Not
Hi both,

I have been bought back onboard by Sir Twisted to help revive the site. We will soon have threads detailing our ideas for the revival, and plans for the future. 

Our apologies that the site was left alone as it had been. Please note that we are working hard behind the scenes to sort out the site and implement features to help re-launch the site with a bang!
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Howdy folks, I would like to apologize for the downfall of this community, however, as Katos just stated, we have once again joined forces to bring the site back up to standards, although this time with new and improved features and structure. Stay tuned!
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