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Passed driving test?
Feel free to share below when you passed your driving test, how you felt, what manoeuvres you had to do, did you like your examiner? Etc. 

I passed mines roughly a year ago on the 15th of may, was ever so proud of myself, unfortunately I had the hardest manoeuvre at the time (imo: reverse parking. ) I also had to do an emergency stop.
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Just a year ago? Wow. hehe I've been driving since 1998.  The driving test was easy.  The written test was harder, but one of the questions was incorrect (their fault, not mine) so I passed!  Good stuff. :D
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I passed in 2005.  First time.  My examiner was alright, I had to do an actual emergency stop on the test, as school kids just walked out straight in front of me, My examiner went mad at them as they crossed on they're red light.  I then had a mini meltdown as I fumbled with the gears. After that I was fine.  
He didn't ask me hard questions like the circumference of the wheel and all that rubbish, that I've never needed to know since passing.

Mum knew I had passed, as she was dowsing (divination) she knew I had some kind of trouble with the kids but didn't know what it was, and she knew the time when I passed.
I went home looking really miserable like I'd failed.  She said to me, no need to look like that, I know you passed Rofl

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