Poetry & Story Competition #1
Welcome to the poetry & story competion! 
How to Play
You must create a poem or story, that follows all the rules, and post it on this thread before the round is over at 11 PM EST on Sundays. The thread will be closed at this time or around this time. 

The rules are simple. You must follow the Terms of Use, use your own work and ensure that your poem or story is within the five hundred word range. If you violate any of the rules, your post will be deleted and you will be disqualified from that round. 
Please remember that you can only win every other round, at most.

Each round will be posted after the winners are announced on the last, and that thread is closed. The rounds end and begin right after one another. A round will begin at 11 PM EST on Sundays, again, after the last has been closed.

The prize for this event is  30  credits. Winners will be awarded within twenty-four hours of the winning post made by the host. If you have not received your credits, you can refer to the section below.

All entries should be reply here! If you didn't receive you price pm me.

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