3 May 2020


E-Sports is short for Electronic sports. Apparently this phenomenon can date back around 50 years, but I have not come across it much myself. I have seen it in recent years but I feel that is very prevalent right now, as an alternative to the real-life sporting events that are cancelled. Many soccer players, for instance, are turning to their PS4's or Xbox's to reenact matches that they would otherwise be playing in real life.

So what do you think about E-Sports? Do you prefer it to the real thing? Have you tried playing E-sports?


Junior +
18 April 2020


E-sports seems to be something that is taking over a vastly popular amount of partcipents and attention of a lot of people. With games like Halo 5 and Call of Duty sometimes being competitive it can be quite fun to particpate in tournements and such and it's really growing in popularity.

I've never entered any tournaments because I never had a team and plus you have to travel but it's not that bad of a way to make some extra cash if your any good. They used to hold small super smash brothers tournaments at gamestop where I live for a little extra cash. I never entered any but it was and interesting idea.

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