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26 March 2020


Do you have a favorite album?

If so, which is it, and why do you like it so muchBlond by Frank Ocean and The Life of Pablo by Kanye West. Both are simply masterworks, and I've listened through both of them at least a hundred times. Both of them came out in 2016, which was an exciting time in my life. I graduated high school, moved out from my parents and started this thrilling journey towards adulthood.

Blond has so many good tracks, all filled with Frank Oceans perfect voice over some tremendous beats. It's hard to single out what makes it a good album because it's simply a perfect one. Everything is done correctly.

The Life of Pablo is, in my opinion, the most refreshing thing that has happened to hip-hop in ages. Kanye is as good a sampler as ever, creating some of the best beats I've heard in my life. The lyrics are filled with so much cockiness and humor that it is impossible to not feel like the coolest person alive while listening to it.



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27 April 2020


So my all time favourite album was probably Pink's I'm Not Dead album. I personally think this was the style that suited her the best as she had a real rasp in her voice and she sounded great when she sang any of them live. I've been to see her three times and even though I like her newer stuff that for me will always be 'thee' album!

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