Fix your computer?


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26 March 2020


I'm a Mac user, and unfortunately I'm too afraid to loose my warranty (which happens the second I open something up) to fix it myself. Luckily, the past two-three repairs I've needed have been covered by the warranty, so I haven't paid a dime in years.


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18 April 2020


A lot of people are using something called Geek Squad in the store Best Buy. Personally I think it's a rip off only because it's incredibly expensive and you end up having to pay almost close to the amount it cost to buy a brand new computer. Personally if my computer goes bad I just buy a new one. Though I can see how this might be useful for people who may have spent 2k-$3,000 on a PC, however for my $500 Toshiba I basically just end up having to get a new one. They seem to last a lot longer then HP or Dell's. Toshibas seem to be the best computers to last the longest.

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